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Discover how iShareFreely can revolutionize your audience engagement campaigns and provide a unique forum for research, marketing and education.

What is iShareFreely?

iShareFreely is a non-partisan strategy catalyst and digital toolset to empower your Public Affairs team to stay ahead of public opinion by streamlining traditional survey and polling practices into more precise and accessible data collection.
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Our platform enables cutting-edge research through digital surveys, polling, quizzes, debates, online video and the power of social media along with the ability to boost online fundraising with integrated “native advertising” features used by publishers to increase monetization.

Explore the Possibilities

Empower Your Team

In today’s Mobile Sharing Economy, Brands seek to align and influence relevant social causes, iShareFreely empowers your team to lead process instead just watching it happen, by orchestrating direct digital feedback and sharing with the constituencies of Issue Campaigns, Educational Organizations, Community Stakeholder Groups, Political Campaigns and Cause Oriented Non-Profit movements.  Here are a few of the ways iShareFreely can empower your team.

Non-Profits & Charities

Build Cause Oriented Social Change through non-profit and charitable solutions more efficiently at a lower cost.

Political Campaigns

Use mobile interactivity direct to voters to identify support, mobilize coalitions and execute victory on election day.

Educational Organizations

Empower students, parents and educators to participate in a sharing dialogue yielding transparency and timely feedback for the learning process.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Sharing economy allows consumers to influence corporate brands to provide stronger support for causes supported by consumer spending power.

Issue Oriented Campaigns

Build consensus on the critical issues of today by listening to feedback from those affected most by public policy decisions – Listen, Interact & Learn For Change.

Community Stakeholder Groups

Assemble winning coalitions through “Active Listening” using Surveys, Quizzes & Polls to give voice to positive change in our communities.

Ready to Engage Your Audience + Gain Better Insights?

Digital Toolset Features

Whether it is a poll, quiz, debate, or similar digital venue, iShareFreely ramps engagement from digital viewers, pulls insights from those engaging, and provides a competitive edge for your team.

iShareFreely Widgets


Gather insights from multiple venues in one spot with our Poll, Quiz, Survey and Debate widgets.

Rich Media Experience

Add video, images and graphics to any of our widgets.


Participant Feedback

Video, audio and text comments for a deeper participation and understanding.


Social Media Sharing

Boost engagement through social media sharing directly through the widget.


Create Once, Deploy Everywhere

Adding our widgets to your site is fast and easy. Just insert a short Javascript code into your page.

iShareFreely Widgets

Project Management

Manage and organize your digital campaigns.

Custom Targeting

Include targeting by location, subject and distribution.

Budget & Duration Modes

Assign project budgets and durations.


Custom Reporting

Create custom reports by project and overall.


Team Management

Assign different levels of access rights to individual team members.

Analytics + Insights

Detailed Participation, Demographic and Psychographic data sets make for better Public Affairs Campaigns.
iShareFreely Analytics & Insights

Engagement Stats + Graph

Participant engagement is tracked across all Widgets.

Audience Profile

Learn more about your Audience engagement, including personality profiles.

Interactive Map

Drill down to find specific geographic information about participation.


Advertising Stats

Monetize with our platform to dig into detailed advertising statistics.

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